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Denine Rogers



As a skincare Dietitian, I use a wholistic approach to help clients heal from the inside out.   I also teach that it is important to use healthy food inside your body and outside. My skincare products have real natural fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, herbs, spices, milk, nuts, oats, honey, essential oils, and luscious butter to make the best soaps, body butters, and scrubs you have ever felt on your skin. This is the time for the skincare industry to change, and Living Healthy Skincare leads the way to creating better healthy, natural, and sustainable skincare products! 



Crystal Leaves

a few best sellers




Green Tea

Castile Olive Oil 

Meditation Lavender



Connect through a preliminary 30-min strategy call to better understand how we can work together and guide your path forward.


Take a pre-questionnaire & comprehensive symptom assessment in preparation for our initial session to dive in deep.


Identify your roadmap through functional lab testing, routine symptom assessment & open communication; our customized sessions will consistently support your needs.



  • What is Functional Medicine?
    Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Functional medicine involves understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic disease.
  • What is the difference between Integrative Medicine, Integrative Registered Dietitian and Holistic Health?
    Integrative Medicine - is the combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine with evidence based medicine. It is the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing. Integrative Registered Dietitians views food, eating, wellness, and exercise not just in terms of calories or weight loss, but in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual terms. Holistic Health a concept that concerns for health requires a perception of the individuals as an integrated system rather than one or more separate parts including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
  • Do you take Insurance?
    Currently, Living Healthy does not accept insurance at this time. If you have health insurance you can be placed on a sliding scale for the Living Healthy Virtual Programs where after the end of your reimbursement you can pay the difference of the program through our of the Pocket or Health Spending Account (HSAs) or Federal Spending Account (FSAs).
  • What can I anticipate from my first individual consultation with the virtual program?
    First, I will conduct an in-depth assessment of your past and current medical history and review your primary concerns, diet, cultural health preferences, and lifestyle. At the end of the visit, I will go over recommendations for nutritional and herbal supplementation, essential oils, dietary suggestions, and lifestyle recommendations, along with any laboratory testing I recommend to get you healthy.
  • How do I order superior quality supplements?
    You can order superior-quality supplements through FullScript. You can set up a FullScript account by browsing through the FullScript site. FullScript will bring your supplement order right to your door, and you will receive 15% off all orders. Visit by clicking the link to Fullscript -
  • What is Aromatherapy?
    Aromatheraphy is the use of essential oils to balalnce the body systems when there is an imbalance, reduce stress, and intergrate the mind, body, and spirit. Essentials oils are the distilled plant extracts that provide us with the scents and flavors associated with them. Living Healthy provides educational workshops and seminars on what essential oils are, how they work and how they can be used in your daily life.
  • What is Herbalism?
    Herbalism is a branch of the healing sciences that deals with the therapeutic properties of herbs and their effects on the body. This system of natural health care has been used by every culture and handed down from one generation to another, thus making it a "traditional" form of medicine. The science and art of Herbal Medicine combine the knowledge of a plant's therapuetic parts and usage, the body systems upon which it acts and which companion plants to use for support. The trained herbalist can assist you in determining what herbs will help you achieve optimum health. Living Healthy provides educational workshops and seminars on how to incorporate herbs into your wellness progeam, even if you are taking prescription drugs or others holistic remedies and learn what herbs are important to keep readily available acute health situations.
  • What are Living Healthy Community Gathering Events?
    Living Healthy Community Gathering Events is a safe space for clients from diverse backgrounds to discuss their health issues through a healthy breaking bread cultural table setting ceremony. During the breaking of the bread, there will be expert speakers and a chance to have mini-group breakout conversations. After the ceremony, we will continue the discussion by cleansing light physical exercises. For further detail, click the website link Living Healthy Community Gathering Events.
  • What is a Living Healthy Menopause Community Gathering Event?
    Living Healthy Menopause Community Gathering Events is a safe space where women from diverse backgrounds can discuss this long-taboo subject of menopause at a healthy breaking bread cultural table-setting ceremony. Living Healthy invites at the gathering women between the ages of 30 through 80+ to get the menopause conversation going. This can help relieve the stress of menopause and to let everyone there know that they are not alone. During the breaking of the bread, there will be expert menopausal healthcare professional speakers and a chance to have mini-group breakout conversations. After the ceremony, we will continue the discussion by cleansing light physical exercises. For further detail, click the website link Living Healthy Community Gathering Events.
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